Swan's Island Vacations

Rentals on a Maine Island

A Swan's Island Photo Essay


Swan's Island's Iconic Lighthouse



Leads Into It's Working Harbor


Where Boats Of All Kinds Can Be Seen





There Is One Well-Stocked Store



And An Amazing New Library



Her People Socialize with Play Readings


Chili Cook-offs



Or Go Over To Frenchboro for the Annual Lobsta Picnic


You Can Enjoy The Carrying Place


Or Play in the Fog At Fine Sand Beach



Or Find Amazing Rocks at Pebble Beach



You Can Enjoy the Surf


Or Walk Granite Ledges


Or Hike To Mysterious Noah's Ballast



You Can Explore Offshore Islands (Scrag)



And See Amazing Sights


Such as Political Eagles



Or Just Ordinary Black-Backed Gulls


There Are Bogs With Fascinating Plants



Such As The Pitcher Plant



Orchids Such As Calapogon



And Pogonia


There Are Fields of Hay-Scented Ferns



Naturalized Rugosa Line The Shores


The Mossy Woods Feature Cinnamon Ferns




And Bunchberry


But You Always Return to the Lighthouse



For Incredible Sunsets