Swan's Island Vacations

Rentals on a Maine Island




The apartment has a one week minimum rental in July and August.


The apartment is on the second floor, and consists of a bedroom over looking the harbor, a sitting room with long sea views, a bathroom and a kitchen. The apartment does not have a separate entrance, but it has a lockable privacy door at the bottom of the stairs. The downstairs rooms have art displays, historic displays, and a small amount of merchandise. When the downstairs rooms are not in use, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the two outside doors remain locked. Keeping the two outside doors locked will be your responsibility.


The downstairs rooms (the public rooms) are open to the public for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 am to 3 pm. Sometimes, they are open at other times for public events such as receptions and classes. The downstairs rooms, including the downstairs kitchen and bathroom, are not included in the apartment rental.


The grounds of the light station are Town property, and open to the public. Fishermen sometimes come to the headland early in the morning to check the weather conditions outside the harbor. Sometimes groups picnic in the grounds, or park near the house to walk the trails. People may walk the public road to the headland to see sunset or sunrise, or to admire the moonlight on the sea.


A town ordinance forbids drinking in public areas. This does not apply to the apartment, but it does apply to the downstairs rooms and the grounds. No smoking is allowed anywhere on the property.


Electronics.  Wifi is available through a DSL connection.  There is a wireline phone downstairs; please use it only if you have an emergency. 


Sheets and towels: We recommend that you bring your own sheets and towels, but if necessary, we can provide sheets and towels for an additional charge of $35/week.


Water. The tap water is safe to use, but we recommend use of bottled water for drinking.  A "starter" supply of bottled water will be provided.